FDownloader – Completely free Facebook video downloader for Android

FDownloader - Completely free Facebook video downloader for Android

Facebook is the most used social media platform around the world with over 3 million monthly users. It offers great services for all users and you can easily connect with your friends, colleagues, and family around the world. Surely everyone watches Facebook videos, sometimes we want to download them on our Android smartphones. Wanna download videos from Facebook easily? Looking for a way to download Facebook videos? If yes, then we need a Facebook video downloader Android for you.

If you are a lover of videos and looking for a video downloader for Facebook, FDownloader is the best solution for you. It comes as a 100% free online downloader that comes with many amazing features. So let’s take a look at everything about this fantastic downloader. 

Everything you should know about FDownloader

FDownloader is the best video downloader to help you to download high-quality Facebook videos with one click. You can download unlimited Facebook videos to your Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, or Mac devices. Use our FB video downloader with any web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. 

You do not need to download any third-party software to use this fantastic downloader. And the best thing is it never asks for your login or sign-in information to use this software. FDownloader always comes free and online for its users. It comes with an easy-to-use user interface even the non-technical user can use this without any hassle. Our Facebook video downloader allows you to download FB videos simply and fast. So why not use it?

Why use this fantastic Facebook video downloader Android?

Have you ever thought about downloading Facebook videos on your Android smartphone? So you can watch them offline. And why should we choose Facebook video Downloader Android over any other download tools?

So as a lover of Facebook videos you saw a video that you haven’t enough time to watch, or you want to share with your friends or relatives who are not using Facebook. But unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t give a direct option to download videos from Facebook to their users. 

Downloading third-party software is boring and reduces your Android storage space. So that’s why our online personal assistant FDownloader comes in handy. It is the best Facebook downloader tool that you can ever ask for. 

What are the Android devices FDownloader compatible with?

Our Facebook video downloader online is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. So as an Android user, you may wonder what the Android devices FDownloader comes handy in.

  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Google
  • Motorolla
  • Nokia
  • LG
  • OnePlus
  • HTC
  • And many more.

How to Download Facebook videos using FB video Downloader 

Downloading Facebook videos lets you save your favorite videos on your smartphone or PC. So then you can easily share them with your loved ones, share on any social media platform, or either watch them offline. Here is how to download and save your favorite Facebook video using Facebook video Downloader Android on your smartphone. 

It is easy to download unlimited Facebook videos on your Android device just copy and paste the video URL on your device. So this is the free tool to download unlimited Facebook videos with just one click without downloading any software.

Complete Step Guide to Download videos with Facebook video Downloader Android

  1. First, go to your Facebook App on your Android mobile device.
  2. Go to the search bar and search for the video you want to download.
  3. Select your favorite video from the search results. 
  4. Click on the share icon (Three dot button) in the top left corner. Go through the options and select the “Copy Link” option to copy the video URL to your device clipboard.
  5. Now go to the FDownloader.
  6. Paste the copied URL into the text box that is on the top of the Video Downloader page. 
  7. Hit on the “DOWNLOAD NOW” button.
  8. Now you can see a preview of your video.
  9. There is a table below the preview. You can choose the video quality of your video.
  10. Select the video quality whether it is “SD video Download”, “HD video Download”, or “Audio Download”
  11. Hit the “DOWNLOAD” button again to start the downloading process.
  12. Your favorite video starts to download on your Android device within a few seconds.

Important: When you download Facebook videos online, they are saved to the “Download” folder of your device. But it usually depends on the web browser and OS you use. You can manually change the download destination in the browser settings. 

What are the unique features this handy tool offers you

FB video Downloader for Android is specially designed for downloading high-quality videos from Facebook. And also save them in your phone gallery. It is free and allows you to download Facebook videos with our amazing online video downloader. 

However, what makes this elegant Facebook video downloader Android tool the best? 

  • Download FB videos online with one click away. 
  • It comes with a very user-friendly interface.
  • Download unlimited Facebook videos easily and super fast.
  • You do not need largely time to download videos.
  • Supports downloading any quality videos from Facebook.
  • Download both private and public Facebook videos. 
  • Facebook Live video Downloader tool.
  • Comes as a 100% free download tool.
  • No installation, sign-in details, or downloads are required.

Is downloading Facebook videos legal?

As long as you’re not using other people’s content to your advantage, you can download Facebook videos. If you want to post videos owned by others to your timeline, you should consider assigning them to the original creator.


FDownloader is the best one-click Facebook video Downloader Android that anyone can use without any trouble. This is a trustworthy reference and provides different security instructions. It means that you can trust this individual downloader to smoothly download videos from Facebook.

Well, there are millions of videos on Facebook that you may find useful and you can download some of them to your Android smartphone. Using the steps above will save you a lot of time. Next time you come across a video that you find interesting enough to download, you’ll know which source to go to.

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