7 Advantages of IT staff augmentation

IT staff augmentation

Contingent workers are significantly rising in popularity in today’s business world. Previously, staff augmentation was basically done to fill in unavailable positions, like when the employees take a leave due to illness or go on vacation. 

What exactly is staff augmentation? It is the use of employees from digital transformation companies temporarily to supplement the company’s workforce capacity. IT staff augmentation is especially helpful when there are extensive requirements businesses need to satisfy quickly, so they need the manpower to complete these projects. Finding an IT team for Daily IT Operations Management is not easy, since finding experts and assessing their skills, onboarding and training takes ages. This is where outsourcing an  IT service management team from a digital transformation company comes to be convenient for your business. Now what are the advantages of IT staff augmentation, let’s take a look.

IT staff augmentation benefits

These are some benefits of outsourcing an offshore IT service support team from a dedicated digital transformation company-

Massive budget cut

You have to only pay the digital transformation agency the consultation payments and you will get a highly experienced offshore IT support team in your hand. Not only that, the salary of an offshore software developer is way cheaper, leading to less capital waste for you. Additionally, the operation cost, recruitment cost and infrastructure costs are all cut down. You will see a significant difference in the budget data after IT staff augmentation.

Quality IT services

IT staff augmentation will guarantee your projects are at the top in the competitive market. You will see a better client response and good customer reviews for your company. This is because an offshore IT support service is very detail-oriented and well-graded. They will make sure to meet quality standards, correctly evaluate the issues and give authentic services. IT staff augmentation thus will improve the project standard and please the clients.  

Talented resources

Local talent resources are hard to hire. There is a scarcity of highly skilled software developers. This gap prevents efficient project development and  stable growth of the business. In order to fulfill this manpower gap in the workforce, you can hire an offshore IT software developer from a digital transportation. You can benefit from IT staff augmentation by meeting well-knowledgeable experts from the IT field who can match your project requirements.

No documentation troubl

Legal documentation of the new employees is laborious and takes a lot of the efficient hours that could be put into project development. It consumes a lot of time to create an employee profile, and submit the necessary paperwork and document. With IT staff augmentation, offshore IT service professionals are recruited and documented by the digital transformation company. You are less likely to worry about all these processes after an offshore IT augmentation.

Geographical merit

If the software development project needs to be maintained on a 24-hour basis, it can be done by IT staff augmentation. This is especially crucial when, there are sudden client requirements, instead of just relying on your in-house members, you can get assistance from the offshore IT support team. The offshore IT support team can provide their expertise at a different time due to the difference in geographical time zone. Hence, your project finishes quickly and there are delay issues, making customers satisfied.

Highly Productive

An offshore IT development team can provide such software support services-

  • Agile management
  • System Integration
  • Security and threat management
  • Creating innovative solutions
  • Updation

IT staff augmentation can lead to better motivation among the offshore and in-house software development teams. Access to innovative brainstorming can lead to huge productivity in the company.

No investment risks

IT staff augmentation companies will be more efficient and dedicated since a contract is signed for such dedication initially. This improves the chance of improving your business brand. The risk of other issues such as recruitment and training is reduced. There is no need to fret about the investment an employee is going to squander. And finally, the stakeholders will also appreciate hiring an offshore IT development team. All of this, make your company stand better during other obstacles and improves stability.


IT staff augmentation is quickly becoming an acceptable approach for improving companies’ capacity and productivity. The flexibility is well-effective and improves the capabilities of the companies to produce better results. 

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